Roasted ground coffee

Brilliant Fruit Flavor Coffilia

Roasted Ground Coffilia

The quality of the original coffee comes from the Northwest independent raw material area with a strong, unique and unforgettable taste, waking you up in the morning.

ProductsCoffilia Bung Sac Huong Trai
CategoryRoasted Premium Blend
Gentle Son La

Gentle Son La Coffilia

Roasted Ground Coffilia

"Gentle Son La Coffee" carries all particular features of a fertile Northwestern region, recreates its majestic scenery, and delivers a tranquility as if you were floating in a mighty sky.

ProductsGentle Son La Coffilia
CategoryRoasted Premium Blend


Coffilia is our signature espresso blend enjoyed all across New Zealand. This coffee is our most complex in terms of blend makeup and contains a range of origins, varietals, and processing methods.


Sơn la – Tây Bắc, Việt Nam

Cao độ 720 m2.

Son La

Coffee aroma

Kiwi, Tamarind, Black Tea


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