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Our Story


Câu chuyện Minh Tiến Câu chuyện Minh Tiến

“We believe in the wholesome value in the journey from the farms to each coffee cup.”


Started the journey in 2000, Minh Tien was established with the desire to provide the value of originality and happiness where coffee trees inhabit.


Base on our sustainable farming model at independent farmlands, the coffee beans of premium quality and international standards have satisfied our international export partners and customers.


With a mutual love for coffee, Minh Tien always seeks to fulfill being the communication bridge that encourages intimate connection and happiness to customers and communities. To achieve this, Minh Tien guarantees to offer premium quality and originality of the coffee beans.




The journey of the coffee beans began with a colorful picture of millions of white flower buds, absorbing the earth’s quintessential, hard work of people and indigenous culture of its surrounding regions, which create the flavor that is refreshing and awakening for the drinkers.

The authentic experience that Minh Tien passionately expresses and delivers in each coffee cup is the originality where the coffee trees are grown and cultivated across indigenous farmlands from Tay Bac, Quang Tri to Laos.


  1. 2000

    Minh Tien has been fortunate to be able to connect and promote harmonious relationships between four primary stakeholders: farming household, export partnership, consumer base, and communities through the mutual passion and love for coffee.

  2. 2005

    Minh Tien initially focused on direct export to foreign markets and specifically attended to employ and train technical staff to become skillful and experienced.

  3. 2010

    Minh Tien made significant achievements for being awarded the 4C and UTZ certifications, investing further into an educated workforce.

  4. 2015

    Minh Tien’s reputation within the coffee industry is asserted with a connected workforce across production facilities and indigenous farmlands, which consolidate into an efficient business system. Productivity reaches new heights, research and development reach innovative values to create unique offerings.

  5. 2017

    Minh Tien achieved more meaningful accomplishments, laying the foundations for sharper growth and expansion in export and new products.

  6. 2020

    Minh Tien marks its great transformation with overall strategic development which includes: specialized export for new specialty coffee variants, the inauguration of the brand Coffilia, develop cafe chain, attend leading international exhibitions of commerce.

The journey to discover the originality



To raise the value of Vietnamese coffee

Develop the wholesome value chain of sustainable coffee that raises the value of Vietnamese coffee beans. To promote the mutual love for coffee, Minh Tien always seeks to fulfill being the communication bridge that encourages intimate connection and happiness to farmers, partners, customers, and communities.


Minh Tien desires to deliver the authentic experience of coffee to every customer

Our objective is to redefine and rediscover the original value of coffee through expressions of quality, flavor, and taste. Each harvested coffee bean represents not just a product, but also the farmer’s sincerity of hard work. It is our wish to inspire and connect everyone through the mutual love for coffee, guiding everyone toward mutual understanding and appreciation of Vietnamese coffee and the unique culture of indigenous farmlands.

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Core Values

We keep our brand integrity base on our core values

  1. Family
  2. Passion
  3. Sustainability

“We form a big family that embraces each other, where each member pursues their dreams and takes responsibility for each quality coffee cup and comfortable experience while connecting with others through joy and sharing.”


We share duty and delegate responsibility fairly for everyone to contribute, building up a strong union of unique people that deliver quality coffee.


We strongly commend unity through the promotion of individual intellectual, interpersonal dynamics, and most importantly, the mindset of winners.


We always take responsibility for ensuring consistency of quality at the highest level. Each individual is always respected to be a significant contribution in upholding general morals and standards.

“The passion comes from a source of genuine appreciation for the coffee tree and our fellow coffee growers, Minh Tien channels this source of resolute passion to the authentic experience that accompany each coffee cup in the hand of customers. We are happy to know that our coffee contributes to our customer’s well-being, happiness, and joy.”


Our dedicated motivation and commitment fuel us, connect us, and inspire us constantly that embody unyielding energy toward our common cause.


We put our effort into the long journey where we achieve new levels of authenticity for our coffee beans. Additionally, we continuously redefine and explore our standards every day.


Any one of us could explore possibilities of improvements through connecting or exchanging creative ideas on potential reform, upgrade that could lead to greater efficiency and quality in our productions.

To develop a sustainable ecosystem for overall society, economy, and environment, Minh Tien holds a reliable network of partnerships with farming households, in conjunction with farmlands developments to ensure consistent quality and characteristics of the coffee beans. We proudly accompany every stakeholder in our supply chain to uphold our core values.


Each farming household is not only a significant association but also an important partner that accompanies us in the journey of quality coffee.


To improve our coffee that satisfies strict international standards is our commitment to deliver quality coffee with excellent experience for customers, and also to sustain our strategic partnerships with every individual farming household.


Each product receive the care and labor of the skillful farmers, honest and transparent with authentic origin from farmlands across the central highland, the thorough production and processing method, and comprehensive quality control that result in 100% authentic coffee experience.

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For 20 years of knowledge accumulation and mastering coffee, Minh Tien Coffee aims to be recognized globally as a critical strategic partner in the coffee industry that provides premium quality and specialty coffee of international standards.



We supply coffee for leading organizations and distributors, both global and domestic. We know coffee drinkers love our coffee, and we hope that our coffee also satisfies coffee drinkers around the world. Strategic partnerships with foreign businesses certainly bring us closer to supply our coffee in a multi-national markets.